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Wine Glass Christmas Crafts and Decor Ideas

a complete christmas wine rack made out of a wall hook organizer


Wine Glass Charm Ideas

With the holiday season quickly approaching and all the events and celebrations that are promised to come with it, it’s a great time to talk about wine glass Christmas crafts. Shutterfly can help you easily create a personal experience this holiday season for you, your family, and friends without much additional effort on your part. For example, here are some fun wine glass charm ideas that are easy to create:

1. Rosemary Twigs

Rosemary Twigs are a beautiful yet easy way to decorate during the holiday season.

You can use rosemary twigs to create wreaths around the bottom of the wine glasses. They make great wine glass charms.  Just wrap them around and secure them with floral wire– It’s that easy. If you want to be able to tell the glasses apart, tie different colored ribbons onto the rosemary twigs.  You can also use thyme instead of rosemary or even faux winter berries.

It adds such a nice holiday touch on your table.

2. Rotating Wine Charms

Charms are a great way to easily change and customize your wine jewelry to match themes and décor.

You can buy one set of wine charms and reuse the rings for as many different times as you would like. I switch them out for snowflakes, monograms, peace doves, beads, and, numbers.  You can easily switch them out for any beads or charms you would like.

3. Ribbon Wine Charms

Wine charms can even be as easy as tying a different ribbon around the bottom of the glass.

As another bonus, consider throwing a small ornament on the plate to instantly makes the settings festive for the holidays.

Wine Glass Holiday Coasters

Coasters are a great great way to have fun and decorate for Christmas parties and guests. As a side effect, they also decorate your wine glass.

Coasters, such as these “cheers” glass coasters, really add a touch of class to any holiday event.

Or you can opt for different Christmas coaster sayings and add some fun and a touch of humor, like the following:

Blitzened Coaster Set

“Happy holidays, let’s get blitzened”

Spirits and Mistletoe Coaster Set

“Have a swig of spirits, it works better than mistletoe”

Christmas Fruit Coaster Set

“Merry Christmas! Does wine count as a fruit?”

Wine a Little Coaster Set

“Happy Holidays! Wine a little, laugh a lot”

Etched Glassware for Christmas

Glasses with etching always add a very personal touch and make everything thing special.

I absolutely love these cheers stemless wine glasses.  They are so lovely in person and they match the coasters beautifully. I simply wrote in  “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” for the name when customizing them.

The wreath monogram champagne flutes pair beautifully with the wreath monogrammed cutting board for a lovely cheese, wine, and champagne dinner party.

You can also order the wreath monogram on coasters and even ornaments if you would like.

For a more casual, country feel or possibly a winter picnic, you can even get etched mason jar glasses.

I customized the one with antlers to say, “Merry Christmas ya’ll”.

Additional Christmas Dinner Favors and Decor

I customized a woven throw and a set of plates to match the dinner set I’d crafted so far.


Ornaments make great dinner favors.  They can also be hung from a bottle of wine and double as a gift tag.

Holiday Themed Wine Rack

I wanted to create a larger wine glass craft.  I decided that a holiday-themed wine rack would be both a fun and useful project.

To start the project off, Shutterfly has these great wall hook organizers that you can customize.

I customized one with a graphic that says, “Have a touch of spirits, it works better than Mistletoe.”

Then I took off the hooks and created a wine glass and bottle rack.  Here’s how I did it:

Wine Rack Supplies Needed:

  • One wall hook organizer
  • A drill
  • 2 corkscrew wine bottle holders that mount on the wall
  • One triple wine glass rack that mounts to the wall

Note: I purchased the wall wine glass rack and corkscrew bottle holders online.  They come with the hardware that you will need to attach them to the wall hook organizer.

To Create the Wine Rack:

  1. Remove the hooks with the screw gun
  2. Center the wine glass rack and use the screws and screw gun to mount it
  3. Position the wine bottle holders on either side and use the screw gun to mount them
  4. Hang the rack as normal and enjoy!

I think this wine glass Christmas craft makes a great gift for a friend that likes wine and has a great sense of humor. Of course, I think that a lot of these items would make a great gift– especially the “Cheers, Happy Holidays” wine glasses, which are my favorite.

Which wine bottle craft do you like best?

Happy Holidays friends and here’s to wine counting as a serving of fruit this holiday season!

–Amber xo

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Wine Glass Christmas Crafts and Decor Ideas