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Triana Iglesias

Triana Iglesias

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Triana Iglesias is a Norwegian model. She has appeared in the cover of FHM and Slitz. She also appeared in Playboy’s cover edition.

Triana Iglesias was born March 19, 1982 in Oslo, Norway. She has been on Playboy. She became a Playboy Playmate in several countries including Brazil, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary and Malta. She was Playboy Spain’s 30th anniversary playmate. She has been on the cover of many other men’s magazines all over the globe including Maxim, Ice, Man, CKM, Massive, Moore Magazine, Slitz, FHM and Esqired.

Triana Iglesias has also appeared in several music videos for Norwegian bands, including the group Madcon. She came fourth on Dancing with the Stars in Norway in November 2009.

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