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The Truth About How Long You REALLY Need To Last In Bed!

The Truth About How Long You REALLY Need To Last In Bed!

Premature ejaculation is surrounded by many myths. Most guys think that they need to have marathon sex to be any good – but is it really true? Find out now!

For many men, sexual endurance and self-confidence go hand in hand in the bedroom. If you are not lasting long enough, your sense of self worth and confidence are likely to plummet.

But first – exactly how long is long enough?

How Long Should Sex Really Last?

There is something about adult movies that gives men the misconception that sex should last for an hour or more. But the simple truth is, you only need to last as long as a YouTube clip!

While the debate about ideal sexual stamina has been ongoing for as long as mankind, sexual therapists have in recent years suggest that intercourse that lasts from 3 to 7 minutes is satisfactory. Anything from 7 to 13 minutes is considered desirable – not including the time reserved for foreplay.

Sounds surprising? Well it shouldn’t be. Considering that most women need about 7 to 15 minutes of sexual stimulation to reach an orgasm, the suggested duration for “desirable” sex sounds logical.

Here’s the simple truth – great sex does NOT involve a stopwatch. Many men are so preoccupied about not wanting to climax too soon, that they ended up doing exactly what they fear most! Sexual anxiety will almost always impair your performance in bed!

Don’t Focus On The “Magic” Number

For a woman, great sex involves a slow, titillating build-up that envelopes both her mind and body. Use this to your advantage. Don’t view sex in terms of duration. View it in terms of quality. Such a mindset will do a whole lot of good to your confidence in bed.

You see, of all the “instruments” you can use to stimulate and arouse a woman sexually – your fingers, tongue and penis – the last one is ironically the one you have the least amount of control over.

Accelerate Her Sexual Anticipation

So, use your fingers and tongue to heighten her anticipation and arousal FIRST. Give her sensual hot spots some tender, loving attention. And I don’t just mean the obvious places. A woman is incredibly blessed with many erogenous areas on her body. The nape of her neck, her ear lobes, the underside of her arms are all great places to start with.

When a woman is sufficiently aroused before penetration, it actually lowers her threshold for orgasm, reducing the turnaround time for her to reach a climax during intercourse. And when that happens, your confidence will soar, performance anxiety will take a backseat, and you will naturally last longer too!

The Truth About How Long You REALLY Need To Last In Bed!


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