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Soeurs de Korok – Hot Magazine

“Soeurs de Korok” is a photo diary and a collective of imagery that is shot strictly on Kodak Porta 35mm analog film by French photographer Gerald Larocque. “The photo story centers on the notions of sisterly bounding and focuses on the brief intimate gestures and moments they share together. “Soeurs de Korok” starring Bianca, Stephanie, and Chanelle is the fourth installment in my series addressing sisterhood.” he explains.”The other three installments are entitled “The Anderson Sisters”,“The Beaumont Sisters”, and “The Sisters of Silver Creek”. The collective of imagery is driven by the writings of Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock and Jeffrey Eugenides Virgin Suicides.” Location is Studio Bon Soleil, make-up is done by Faye Crasto and styling by Nicole Contador.

Photographer : Gerald Larocque @geraldlarocque
Website : www.geraldlarocque.com
Models : Bianca, Stephanie, and Chanelle @fish.sauce.mami @biancavenerayan @steffieeffie
Location : Studio Bon Soleil @studiobonsoleil
Make up Artist : Faye Crasto @fayecrasto
Stylist: Nicole Contador @nicolecontador.stylist

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Soeurs de Korok – Hot Magazine


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