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Need Behind Social Media Use In 2019

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Social Media use is not just limited to communicating with friends and family anymore


Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have now become an integral part of our day to day lives. We as users are now constantly updating our social media profiles with the daily occurrence of events happening with us. From sending a text message to uploading an adventure experience, you will find it all on these platforms.

But the real question that has been making rounds around the internet recently is ‘Are we using social media the right way? ‘ A lot of debate has been going on over this topic so we decided to shed some light on it.

With a huge amount of research backing us up, we have decided to share some of the most valuable insights regarding social media strategies and their usage. This will also include the real impact of social media on people and the evaluation of its growth pace in respect to the stats and analytics.

Reasons Why People Use Social Media

Over the last two decades, information technology has changed the way people communicate with one another and all of this has become possible with the emergence of social media. And one of the main reasons why people use the social media platform as a medium to share information with an audience.

People Use Social Media

Below are some of the most popular reasons why social media is used by people:

  • To feel involved or participate in the things happening across the globe.
  • To raise voice against an issue or support a cause they strongly feel about.
  • To interact and develop relationships with people from around the world.
  • To share valuable information which involves influencing the audience.
  • To build a global presence for a particular brand, product or service.

The development of mobile technology has played a crucial role in boosting the impact of social media and promoting mentioned reasons why people need social media platforms.

Types of Social Media

If someone asks you about the different types of social media, will you be able to answer them? Because a majority of people are still not aware of the various types of social media and how they can help in their businesses.

Here are the general types of social media in which different platforms are categorized:

1. Media Sharing Networks

Sharing Networks

As the name suggests, these are the social media networks that are used to share different media content such as videos, photos, music etc. These media sharing networks have become a great asset for brands to promote their products/services to an audience of hundreds and thousands of people.

Now, the line between the social networks and media sharing networks is almost non-existent at this point, but the main thing that differentiates the two is the primary objective of the network.

Examples of Media Sharing Networks – Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube.

2. Social Networks

Social Networks

The primary aim of social networks of social networks is to connect with people. Although these social media channels can also be used to build relationships with brands, the focus here is to act as a medium between companies and the people who are consuming the services of their respective companies.

This is the reason why social networks are also known as ‘Relationship Networks’ other than that, the purpose for using these platforms is also for performing tasks that are relatively simpler in nature. For instance, for most of the users Twitter is a place where they can post one-liners explaining their personal thoughts.

Examples of Social Networks – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

3. Publishing & Blogging Networks

Blogging Networks

The publishing and blogging networks are another type of social media that plays an important role in making the users aware about new content by publishing, discovering and also commenting on content created by other people.

These blogging and content publishing platforms provide brand representatives tools to release their content for the public so that they can encourage them for engagement in form of commenting and sharing. This category consists of a wide range of publishing and blogging networks that included traditional blogging platforms like WordPress as well as microblogging services like Medium.

Examples of Publishing & Blogging Networks – Tumblr, Medium and WordPress.

4. Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

These are the social media types that go way back in time as they have been in the market before platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram even came into existence. On these discussion forums, users can put up their queries and other users can resolve these queries by providing answers to their doubts.

Discussion Forums are still quite popular on the internet as people tend to have questions regarding any new event and want to gain reliable information regarding the same.

Examples of Discussion Forms – Quora, Digg and Reddit.

These are the types of social media that can help you in exploring the market’s potential for your business product or service. Social channels like Twitter and Instagram have a user base of millions of users that can be your next customers if you use social media the right way.

Final Thoughts

Today, social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have become a necessity for common people as well as Fortune 500 companies. From generating leads to discovering a new viral video, the uses are endless for social media users. For instance, a new player, IGTV, has made its entry into the game to challenge the traditional approach of YouTube.

The point we are trying to convey here is that there’s much more to social media than liking pictures and binge-watching videos. If you wish to unlock the true caliber of social media platforms and their feel free to have a look at some of the Vandar.info articles on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube.

Hope that with this article on ‘Social Media Uses’ we have shared some important knowledge regarding the topic. And if you want to stay notified with the latest articles related to social media then don’t forget to hit that ‘Subscribe’ button.

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Need Behind Social Media Use In 2019