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La fisioterapia mejora tu vida sexual

La fisioterapia mejora tu vida sexual

How physiotherapy helps improve your sex life

There are several studies that support that physiotherapy can improve problems or sexual dysfunction.

Referring to the latter concept to alterations in sexual activity, such as desire, arousal or orgasm.

In line with the European Sexual Health Day, which takes place every February 14 Fisioserv, the first physiotherapy clinic at home, tells you how physiotherapy can help improve your intimate relationships.

So you can fully enjoy them and forget all the taboos.

In Spain, 32% of men and 46% of women between 40 and 80 years have some type of sexual dysfunction increasing it as they are turning into years. [19659010] The term sexual dysfunction refers to disorders in sexual activity at any stage (desire, arousal and orgasm).

Among the men is reflected in the problems of erection and ejaculation (most of the time).

While the dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse), vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the muscles of the vagina that hinders penetration) and the anorgasmia (difficulty or inability to reach orgasm) are the s most frequent sexual problems among women.

How does physiotherapy help?


The objectives of physiotherapy in the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions consist, among others, of:

  • Familiarizing the patient with her pelvic floor
  • Decontracting the perineal area
  • Increasing the tone and proprioception Perineum musculature
  • Improve posture and blood circulation
  • Improve mobility in the pelviperineal region
  • Desensitize painful areas

Another important fact is to make women aware of the importance of hypopressives and Kegel exercises.

That maintain the smooth functioning of the pelvic floor, while increasing pleasure during sexual intercourse.


As for women, the physiotherapy treatments that are best adapted The urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction are the two most common sexual disorders among the male gender those centered on the pelvic floor

. 19659010] Urinary incontinence is usually due to a weakness in the pelvic floor.

This weakness can cause problems in relationships with erectile dysfunction.

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