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Kissing Tips Your Girl Wants You To Know NOW!

Kissing Tips Your Girl Wants You To Know NOW!

Kissing tips is critical to becoming a great lover. Remember that not all kisses are made equal. There are dry & fleeting ones, there are wet & deep as well. Think about it, do you really kiss your grandma that way? We kiss different people differently.

In the same manner, different parts of her body will profit from varied types of oral stimulation. Classically, there are 5 ORAL TECHNIQUES. One may KISS, LICK, SUCK, BITE & BLOW (KLSBB).

Here’s the guideline for each:

KISS – kiss everywhere
LICK – lick everywhere
SUCK – everything “suckable”
BITE – everything “bite-able”…but not too hard.
BLOW – everywhere on the skin except into the vagina and anus (and very gently on the ears)

For the tender and supple parts, we generally use the gentler and softer variety. The breasts for example, enjoy soft sucks & kisses and mellow biting. For firm, muscularly dense areas like the butt, the harder variety may be applied. But extra-light oral sex can sometimes be better.

1. Put Your Hands To Good Use

And not only the hands, but the rest of your body. Sometimes people are so into the kiss that the mouth becomes the center of the universe. While this is not bad, mouth-to-mouth action doesn’t have to be the sole event. Kiss not just with your lips, but with your hands as well. Put them to good use by stroking her face, back, buttocks or sides – (avoid the breasts too early in the game). Time hand strokes with tonguing to add pizzazz to frenching.

2. Use Yummy Sounds While You’re At It

Simple as it may seem, a “Mmmmm” once in a while, is a potent motivator. It narrates pleasure, spurring on the players. Yummy sounds could be the beginning of a torrid sex session. You’re boosting her confidence with those sounds, and when you’ve got a confident woman in your hands, who knows what she’s going to do next?!

3. Relax Your Tongue

When it comes to frenching, a soft and slow tongue is much better than a hard, pointy one, flicking rapidly. Relax your tongue as it dances with hers. A spatula in the mouth is very weird.

4. Kiss Without Gunning For Sex

Kissing for its own sake works wonders. But kissing angled at getting laid could actually turn her off and activate her flight tendencies. In the end, she may give you the “I have a headache” line. When that happens, you’ve lost twice – you didn’t get to enjoy the kiss, and you didn’t have the sex.

By kissing for the moment, you win twice – you not only enjoy the oral event, but also get to be with her. The choice sounds easy, but in reality, when a boy gets into these situations, it’s easier to fall to the temptation of pushing for the lay than allowing the kisses to work their magic.

Let us now get into the business of eye contacts – another untapped powerhouse. A look is just as powerful as a kiss. One can actually affect somebody from a distance just by looking at them – that’s power!

Kissing Tips Your Girl Wants You To Know NOW!