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How Does Weight Gain Affect Your Relationship?

How Does Weight Gain Affect Your Relationship?

People change. So do bodies. Some weight gain is natural, but when the pendulum swings too far one way and the scale is screaming for mercy, then things are a bit past the natural stage. Your partner has gained weight. Maybe you both have.

Does weight gain affect a relationship? We have your answer.

Here’s What “She Said” About Weight Gain

Just like dramatic weight lose can affect a relationship, so can weight gain.

When a guy starts to put on weight it can have a huge impact on a relationship.

A few pounds like 10-20 not such a big impact but more than that 30+ is a huge turn off.

A little weight gain is normal in relationships, you eat out more, you get comfy you get spoiled with having a dinner partner and drinker, that bottle of wine can’t finish itself!  But guys need to be careful about a little weight and a lot of weight.  Mostly because when guys put on weight it goes straight to their belly and face.  On average it doesn’t normally spread out evenly and it can be a turn off and unhealthy.

When a man puts on too much weight it affects his stamina in the bedroom and his endurance – two things that can rock a woman’s world!  And an even worse side effect of weight gain is it makes his dick smaller!  Mostly because now there is more fat hanging over it.  Hows that for a visual?

Women are not completely off the hook either…

When a woman puts on just a little weight it can affect a relationship.  Women have a window of about 5-10 pounds before it can be apparent and I know most guys will say “I love you at any weight”. Which may be true but how many women feel sexy about themselves when they put on weight? Very few.

Too many pounds can zap a woman of her sexual confidence and make her feel less sexy and less willing to have sex.  Maybe it leads her to keeping a shirt on or the lights off.  Maybe there are positions she doesn’t want to do because she doesn’t want her guy to see anything on her body shake or look flabby.

A little softness in both sexes is ok.

Women can be more curvy and guys can fill out but in relationships you should try to be the best and healthiest for your partner!

It can be tough when one person has sort of let them self go especially if the other partner is staying in shape!  But all doesn’t have to be lost!  If you are a couple you can do couple things that involve working out together, walking together or sharing a gym membership.  Keep yourself looking good and keep yourself healthy so you can be the best for yourself and your partner.

Here’s What “He Said” About Weight Gain

Does weight gain affect your relationship? Yes, hell yes.

I don’t know why it’s so taboo to admit this.

Yes, I get it. A relationship is supposed to be about to becoming one, soul mates uniting against the tides of time, in sickness and in health, through thick and thin for the rest of our lives, until the end of time, blah blah blah.

When do we start admitting that the most important thing is for our partner to be fuckable?

Sure, you may not be a supermodel and he may not look like a shirtless vampire or male porn star, but you should want to fuck your partner and they should feel the same about you.  A shift in appearance is one way that weight gain affects a relationship.

I think the general rule of thumb is that you should always look hot for your woman or man. You should always do the things that made you want to fuck the shit out of them and vice versa. Everyone knows that weight gain undeniably affects a relationship, but no one wants to say that. Apparently that’s too difficult.

Maybe it’s eaiser to just quietly work out like crazy. Maybe that’s more politically correct than having an honest discussion about how your weight (or your partners) gain has affected your relationship and put added stress on your relationship and your hips and shoulders and neck and back.

Somehow women think that guys have more wiggle room in the weight gain realm.

I’m not sure why this attitude is prevalent, but it’s increasingly untrue. Seems like everywhere you go, buff shirtless ripped dudes are everywhere, just begging you to do laundry on their stomach. Men are feeling increasingly like the relationship will suffer if they gain weight as well.

Insecurity! It used to be for women only! Thanks

How Does Weight Gain Affect Your Relationship?


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