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A summer dream continues – Hot Magazine

It was summer. When their paths crossed each other for the first time. At Alexander Platz metro station. Two weeks after that Vivien and Theo ,,ran off” to a beautiful coast vacation in Portugal. All vacations end and sometimes also the summer love with it. But sometimes those sweet summer dreams come true. “Her home and my home were 500km away from each other – so we decided to cut those 500km to zero. 
Since mid October we live together in a flat near Berlin, with three other boys and a cat. 
In this cold German winter we dream of warm days on the beach, surfing in the wild ocean and watching sunsets on Hawaii.” dreams Theo.

They met photographer Bob Sala on instagram and a couple of weeks later set up for a shooting at their place in Potsdam. “We’ve had a couple of photo shootings already, but none like the one with Bob. It was around 2 pm which means there’s just 1 to 2 hours natural light left. So we didn’t have much time to get warm with each other and dove right into it. But because Bob is such an absolutely calm and enjoyable soul – there was not a second of this weird feeling you sometimes have when shooting with strangers for the first time.” The opposite happened. “After a few shots, a never felt before energy floated into the room through the door cracks and the open windows. We turned on loud music and all got sucked into a dream world.” The day ended with getting to know each other better, finding similar interests and dreaming of future projects and all that is ahead of them.

Models: Vivien: www.instagram.com/vivi_koenig
and Theo: www.instagram.com/theocarow
Photography by Bob Sala: www.instagram.com/bob_sala

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A summer dream continues – Hot Magazine


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