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82 Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love

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Spring is upon us and that means everyone is on the hunt for fun and creative Mother’s Day gifts. If you’re out of time to create a homemade gift, or just out of ideas, have no fear — we’ve listed 82 of our best Mother’s Day gift ideas that any woman will appreciate.

Whether your mother’s taste is fun or sophisticated, these unique gift ideas can help you purchase something out of the box or inspire you to personalize and be extra creative this year.

Show your thanks for all the hard work mom does with fun gifts that will help every mother, grandmother, daughter or dog and cat lover feel extra special this Mother’s Day.

1. Mason Jar Vase

Flowers don’t always need a vase! This mason jar makes a stylish yet casual substitute for a vase and helps your Mother’s Day floral arrangement stand out.

2. Best Mom Photo Book

Your mom is known for her endless energy and relentless positive attitude. Celebrate her creativity with a custom photo book filled with memories.

3. Canvas Art

Surprise mom with an artistic canvas displaying her favorite artist. Add an inspiring quote from her favorite author and you’ve got a gift that inspires. It’s a creative gift for Mother’s Day that she will treasure for a lifetime.

4. Cozy Blankets

The evenings are still chilly, so don’t forget to warm mom up with a cozy fleece blanket and an extra large photo book. She’ll love perusing her favorite photos of family.

5. Photo Collage

Create a photo collage of your childhood, your last family vacation or a collection of photos from your mom’s days in school. It’s the Mother’s Day gift she will love gazing at for a lifetime.

6. Photo Mugs

For the mom who enjoys a morning cup of coffee or tea, there is no greater gift than a custom mug. Choose photos that will get her morning started off right.

7. Pet Collage Ceramic Tile

No desk is complete without family photos and that includes pics of our pets. These pet collage ceramic tiles make ideal gifts for the dog or cat mom in your life.

8. Reading Pillows

Pillows are a fan favorite when it comes to custom gifts. They can be placed in any room of the house and actually provide a purpose. For the hard-to-buy-for mom, customized pillows are perfect.

9. Desk Photos

Customize a ceramic tile that sits perfectly in a wrought iron frame on mom’s desk. Framed photos are always a win when it comes to family. Choose an older photo that no one knows about or search the latest family vacation photos for a winning smile.

10. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

If your Mom is always asking if you drank enough water, this is the ideal mother’s day gift. These personalized stainless steel travel mugs help keep everyone’s water intake up during summer. Create one for each member of the family so you all know which tumbler is yours.

11. Personalized Cookie Jar

Spend the day with mom making cookies and then surprise her with a personally embossed cookie jar where she can store them for the kids! Personalized cookie jars are a fun way to celebrate your next cookie session and it’s the perfect gift for a mother or grandmother who loves to bake!

12. Beach Art

Family vacations on the beach are always memories worth keeping. Create a collage of sea-centric photos that capture the magic of rolling waves and sea breezes. Mom is sure to love looking at it every day.

13. Best Mom Tea Towel

Tea towels are always great gifts. Not only are they handy to have around the kitchen, they are simple to customize for mom. Choose high-quality linen and don’t be afraid of showing off your family heritage.

14. Mantel Design

The centerpiece of any home is the fireplace mantel, so what better place to display the photography that means so much to your mom? Choose unique frames and themes that keep the love alive.

15. Charming Jewelry

Add some charm to your Mother’s Day gift this year. A gold necklace engraved with her name is the smart gift for a mother who is difficult to shop for.

16. Mother Daughter Photo Book

Give your mom something she’ll treasure forever this Mother’s Day — a custom photo book of private cherished moments that only a mother and daughter can share.

17. Canvas Print

These beautiful canvas prints are the perfect way to liven up a room. Mom can display them in any room of the house to enjoy.

18. Pet Accessories

Since cats are about as enthusiastic as children, they could use some help showing their appreciation to their human mom this Mother’s Day. Help them out with this adorable cat-themed mouse pad that expresses the love between a mom and her cat.

19. Chevron Pattern Picture Frame

Whether mom prefers Chevron or Herringbone patterns, this watercolor personalized frame is one that will showcase any photograph. The stylish zig-zag draws the eye without distracting from photography.

20. Personalized Oven Mitt

Create a fun pot holder to thank your grandmother for the thousands of cookies and meals she’s prepared over the years. This is a classic and fun gift that will remind grandma of you every time she reaches into an oven.

21. Magnetic Art

Add custom magnets and create magnetic wall art that inspires everyone in the family! These are great for tracking family messages, adding some humor to the day, or just having some fun.

22. Spring Themed Tea Towels

Nothing says Mother’s Day like an afternoon brunch. This tea towel is decorated with limes and lemons, fitting in perfectly with any spring home decor.

23. Photo Pillow For Her Reading Nook

Create an inviting space for mom to curl up with a good book. A plush family photo pillow not only creates a comfortable place to nap and read, it also makes for a heartwarming memento.

24. Personalized Dog Leash

For the dog lover in your life, make sure you remember to say thank you from her favorite four-legged friends. These leashes can be personalized with a dog’s name and come in a variety of styles to reflect her dog’s personality.

25. Reusable Shopping Bag

Whether she uses them for grocery shopping or a day on the beach, no mother can have too many reusable shopping bags. Add a custom water bottle to her collection this Mother’s Day that she can carry everywhere.

26. Family Photo Calendar

Choose your favorite family photo to frame this year. Whether you’re looking for calendars or just canvas prints, these are the perfect gifts for a mother who treasures her family.

27. Love Birds Paperweight

A heart-shaped paperweight makes for the perfect coffee table decor. Personalize the paperweight with her wedding photo to create a beautiful keepsake.

28. Dog Mom Canvas

Pets make our lives a little bit better. Celebrate the animal in your mom’s life with a custom dog portrait on canvas.

29. Quotable Dog T-Shirt

Show mom some love with a fun message on her favorite canine companion. These quotable dog t-shirts are perfect for pets who want to deliver a nice message.

30. Monogram Prints

Whether mom’s taste is swanky and modern, eclectic or cozy, word art in the form of letter monogram art prints is the perfect way to show off her personality.

31. Photo Bag

These reusable bags can be customized with mom’s favorite pet photos, designs or names so nothing is ever lost or left behind. Perfect for the mom who loves pets and people.

32. Lounge Blankets

No matter where you live or what climate you inhabit, a soft and luxurious woven photo blanket is the perfect way to settle in for an evening movie.

33. Family Fridge Magnets

Refrigerator magnets are a fun, creative gift idea for any personality. Whether she’s quirky or inquisitive, creative or eclectic — she’ll adore these customized wooden magnets.

34. Cutting Board

Monogrammed cutting boards are ideal for more than just cutting. Use one to serve your next steak or a nice wine and cheese. There are dozens of practical applications that any mother will appreciate.

35. Family Pot Holders

Mom will adore these speciality pot holders designed just for her. It’s a fun and creative way of saying thank you for the meals — and it may inspire her to keep making them for you.

36. Custom Coasters

Whether your mother’s drink of choice is a refreshing lemonade or a vodka tonic, she’ll appreciate never leaving a stain on her coffee table. A family can’t have enough ceramic drink coasters and they’re even better when they’re personalized for every family member.

37. Family Puzzle

Nothing brings family together like a jigsaw puzzle. Make this Mother’s Day one to remember with a puzzle that features a photo of the family.

38. Family Rules Print

Mothers hate reminding the family of rules, so why not save her a step? Keep things running smoothly by printing the rules on dish towels, magnets or even photos that you can display around the home. This is a gift that all mothers will love!

39. Household Rules Album

“Home by 10pm. No feet on the table. No hats at the table.” Create a collection of the household rules your mom grew up following with this unique idea for a gift.

40. Grandma’s Brag Book

Keep your Grandmother in mind on Mother’s Day! These personalized Brag Books will keep all the mothers in your life happy.

41. Memory Photo Book

Your mother will adore a personalized book of memories this Mother’s Day. She can enjoy memories of you growing up, from young to old, for years to come.

42. Handmade Art Book

Mini masterpiece art books are the perfect solution for keeping your kids’ artwork without being overpowered by paper. This year, create a custom art book for each child and help mom preserve the memories.

43. Customized Paperweight + Handrwitten Note

Write your own message in this handwritten note and heart-shaped glass paperweight. Personalize with a photo of the family that she’ll adore on Mother’s Day and every other day.

44. Geometric Wall Art

This Mother’s Day, surprise mom with geometric wall art made from family photos. A beehive or hexagon pattern is an ideal way to showcase photos and keep them classified by subject. Consider using circles or triangles for a unique look!

45. Flower Vase

Monogrammed items are always a hit for holidays. Personalize a crystal vase then fill with mom’s favorite floral arrangement for an easy gift idea that says, “I love you.”

46. Catch All Tray

Whether you choose a crystal, glass or porcelain tray for a gift, you can bet any mom will be pleased with the idea of a catch all tray for Mother’s Day. These trays are ideal for jewelry, keys, candles and even candy. The entire family will say thank you for this gift.

47. Family Recipe Book

Make cooking fun again when you collect classic kitchen cooking photos and add your favorite family recipes to the pages. Mothers around the world will appreciate this book of recipes and photos.

48. Let’s Eat Plates

Lay out a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed with these fun plates! Serve up a meal with a fun message that will remind your mom of all those times you asked, “When do we eat?”

49. Bookmarks of Love

If mom loves to read, there is no greater gift than a book. So why not complete the gift with a custom bookmark? These can be easily personalized or you can choose one from a large collection of templates.

50. Rustic Photo Frames

Show the love with a photo frame that is the perfect accompaniment to any desktop. Choose a favorite collection of photos and place in a sepia tone or black and white for a new look.

51. Love Grows Here Canvas Print

This Justina Blakeney Collection canvas print is the perfect complement to any home. Remind her that love grows here and bring her love or plants to her walls.

52. Lovely Engraved Vases

Using multiple flower vases can bring new life to a tabletop. Engrave each vase with a specific letter to create words and bring some magic to mom’s home decor.

53. Magnetic Wall Art

Give mom a shelf she can call her own this Mother’s Day. These stylish magnetic wall boards give her a command center she can use to post reminders, grocery lists and important work meetings.

54. Travel iPhone Case

For the wanderlust mom who loves to soak up the sun, gift her a personalized iPhone case to use on her next trip. Insert a photo of a memorable family vacation to inspire even more travels.

55. Bacon Mason Jar

Mason jars can be monogrammed or embossed with words, then filled with whatever mom loves. Store cooked bacon in mason jars and save a step for the next meal mom makes, whether omelets or salads.

56. Just Us Girls Photo Book

Celebrate the one person in your life who’s been there since day one. Just Us Girls is a special photo book layout that is all about your relationship with mom. It’s sure to make her smile this Mother’s Day!

57. Childhood Drawings Memory Book

It doesn’t matter if a child’s art isn’t a masterpiece, mom will always love what they have to create. Convert childhood drawings into photo books so mom can go back and celebrate that special time whenever she wants.

58. Nanna’s Cookies Tea Towel

Rather than digging through recipe books, you can capture your grandmother’s favorite recipes on a personalized tea towel for mom to cherish.

59. Monogram Flower Pot

For the mom who loves to cook with herbs, these custom flower pots make the perfect kitchen herbal garden. Add the names of each herb to the pot along with a fun message that inspires growth.

60. Family Mason Jars

Use these monogrammed mason jars to serve up the best iced coffee your mom has ever had this Mother’s Day.

61. Custom Mug Set

A personalized set of custom mugs are the perfect way of enjoying an afternoon brunch with mom. Include a selection of your favorite beverages and let your mom know you care.

62. Soft Photo Blanket

For the new mother in your life, create a family heirloom with a personalized fleece photo blanket. These are ideal for carrying to the beach, taking to the park or just displaying in your home.

63. Photo Pencil Holder

This 3D photo cube makes the perfect pencil holder! Add her favorite sayings and some inspiring photos to remind your mom that she’s the best thing in your life.

64. Special Event Photo Book

Preserve special memories for mom to enjoy in a personalized photo book. Not only do they look beautiful on bookshelves, they can help organize photos into thematic events that save shelf space.

65. Instagram Art Frame

For the mother who loves Instagram or the mother who loves to keep an eye on your profile, this multi-square frame is the perfect way to catalog memories of fun times.

66. Hand Drawn Canvas

Turn a child’s drawings into actual art this Mother’s Day. These custom prints turn children into artists by featuring their own artwork. Add an artistic flair to your home that will brighten the day of any family member and bring some color into their life.

67. Family Vacation Frames

There is no better place to display memories of the great outdoors than on the mantel. Your mother will love the collection of family vacations and camping trips. It’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

68. Collection of Unique Paperweights

Show your love with a handwritten note and a personalized heart-shaped paperweight — let your mom keep notes front and center on her busy desk. It’s a beautiful way to express your love.

69. Charm Bracelet

Show off the entire family with these personalized charms. Each charm fits beautifully on a gold Isla bracelet for easy display. New mom gift ideas can be tricky, but this is an ideal one that any mother will appreciate.

70. Parisian Photo Square

Turn mom’s favorite vacation photos into a stunning wall display of mini mounted wall art. This is an excellent way to show off the city of her dreams.

71. Personalized Coral Pillows

Stay close to her heart with personalized pillows that she can use in her office, library, living room or bedroom. Choose from a wide variety of colors, textures and styles as you customize your own collection!

72. Mother Daughter Mugs

Create custom mugs with the perfect Mother’s Day quotes this holiday. Whether your mother loves heartfelt messages or prefers a more humorous approach, custom latte mugs are the perfect way to show how well you know her.

73. Soy Candles

Personalize these floral frame candles with a message to mom this Mother’s Day. These soy candles make a beautiful gift and you can choose from a variety of scents that mom loves — whether it’s refreshing grapefruit and berry, fireside spice or a clean ocean breeze.

74. K9 Clothing

Bring home the Best in Show award with these adorable canine t-shirts. This is a fun way of letting mom know she’s are also considered a parent by at least one lucky dog.

75. Season with Love Tile

Your mother always seasons everything with love — and this ceramic tile trivet is the perfect way to show you appreciate her efforts. This beautifully marbled ceramic tile inset displays a “Season everything with love” message in the center of a footed metal stand.

76. Baby Milestones Mini Photo Book

For the mother who enjoys showing off her beloved family, these small family photo books are ideal gifts. Select a series of photos or create a page for each of your family members for a gift she can have at hand all year long.

77. Engraved Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are the perfect complement to any evening. These stemless wine glasses can be embossed with mom’s initials, her favorite saying, or a date that celebrates a special time in her life.

78. Summer Lemonade Mason Jars

Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than a rich, sweet tea. These mason jars are ideal for serving up a beverage for your mom with a touch of southern charm she’ll appreciate.

79. Terrarium of Love

For the mom who has everything, a goodie jar is the perfect way to show your love. Fill it with her favorite treats, turn it into a terrarium, or emboss the exterior with initials and let mom fill it on her own.

80. Gift Baskets

Create your own Mother’s Day gift basket with a complete set of personalized items that range from mugs to delicious sweets. A custom photo showcased on this wrought-iron easel stand is the perfect easel to show off your gift.

81. Rustic Frames

This 16-square collage frame complements any home no matter your personal style. Create a Mother’s Day gift that features individual photos of family, friends, pets or vacations in one large frame.

82. Custom Trivet

Add your own design to a custom trivet this Mother’s Day. These customized ceramic tile stands are designed to be one-of-a-kind. They are the perfect complement to another of mom’s outstanding family dinners.

Your mother has given everything to you — show her you care with a personalized gift that shows you spent time thinking of her and all she’s done for you in life. We make it easy for you to create the perfect gift that fits your mom’s busy lifestyle.

Mother’s Day presents should be personal and sentimental. Need some extra inspiration? This collection of clever and inspirational Mother’s Day quotes will help you deliver joy to all the important mothers in your life.

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82 Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love