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5 ways to apply sunscreen for better results

5 ways to apply sunscreen for better results

Summer, the word is enough for women to recognize their sunscreens to pack wherever they go. For past ten decades, sunscreens have been women’s best friends for protection against sun rays which basically damage their skin and change its complexions at fastest.

Alongside, different women prefer to use sunscreens of different skin care and beauty brands but more often, the effects and benefit relationship of all of those stays similar reason being, all claim to protect the skin from UV Rays and therefore, contains almost similar ingredients whilst manufacturing—the amount could be dissimilar. However, we know what makes a sunscreen work at its best and that is the way of applying the sunscreen of any respective brand.

At Healthandbeautytip.com we believe that “away if applying any skin care or beauty product matters the most” because if you’re not applying it correctly the result will be equivalent to you’re not applying it at all—NIL. Here are five ways you can consider from the very next time in the upcoming summer season—

Apply before sweating yourself

Women of the country are developing themselves in the field of sports, fitness, and yoga and thus, these women come across a load of hard work and sweat on daily basis irrespective of what season it is. According to a survey, it has concluded that 50 percent of women engaged in these labors on a consistent basis don’t even prefer using a sunscreen and are losing the grace of their skins. Alongside, for the women who apply sunscreen have no idea if their sunscreen is even water resistant or not. Inn noteworthy of mentioning, sunscreen with no water resistance reversibly harm the skin in summer after entering into water or sweating whereas the sunscreen with water resistance protects. Choose wisely!

Check Expiration before USE

One the biggest myth about beauty products or skin care product is that these don’t expire, however, the truth is these expire too and create negative impacts over skin if used once after expiring time is passed. BUT, some women in between the rush to fight against UV Rays forget to look out for the validity of sunscreen to use and get their skin harmed instead. It is recommendable to double check the validity of sunscreen product before applying it all over your skin. Moreover, get in contact with the nearest skin specialist if you come across facing any constant itching or burning over the skin. Don’t keep the expired sunscreen tube or bottle at home as it may harm the skin of children at home badly if contacted.

Give your skin time to absorb

More often than not, skin care products including sunscreens require enough time to get absorbed by the skin. This is one of the facts that women don’t know or if they know, they avoid to follow. 30 percent of women even apply sunscreen while standing under the sun which doesn’t make any difference, it is a complete waste. It is suggested to apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you leave home or office or any place and go out. When your skin finally absorbs the sunscreen, it becomes effective and you’re protected against UVA and UVB Rays.

Reapply after every couple of hours

Have you ever thought of the time period for which moisture stays into the skin for soothing and protection? I guess, no because more often than not, women believe in assumption “moisture stays 24 hours a day once after applying as more than 40 percent of brands promise such capability of their products. However, when it comes to sunscreen, moisture last for about only one to two hours as fighting with the sun rays is a tough call and therefore, reapplying of sunscreen is necessary. Alongside, when you keep applying sunscreen after a gap of a couple of hours, you are eliminating the risk of any dust or bacteria to stick to your skin and cause skin problems. To avoid tanning is easy with sunscreen reapplying.

Scalp protection

Do you know that your hair scalps need sunscreen too? Let’s see why? While you are busy protecting your skin from UVA and UVB Rays, you forget that those rays are directly touching your scalp irrespective of what volume of hair you’re having on your hair, it is effortless for the rays to find their way obviously. This direct contact of sun rays with scalp results in sunburn flake off into hairs and further cause hair problems like dandruff (see how to avoid dandruff here), hair damage, hair thinning and ruining hair growth. You can make use of hair oiling technique for applying sunscreen on the scalp.

Condition applied— In case you’re having any skin infections or sunburns already or any past medical history in the context of similar, please refer to your skin specialist before applying any kind of Sunscreen.

5 ways to apply sunscreen for better results