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5 Natural Remedies to get rid of Acne

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Each year, around 30 percent of women (mostly teen girls) Google results for how to get rid of Acne. “Acne” is one of the most terrifying words you can recognize to a woman. If you ask a skin specialist, it will always be mentioned that only proper medical treatments and bulk of recommended medicines can cure Acne, however, at Vandar.info we believe that each and every skin problem is naturally curable. Hence, Acne is also curable through natural/home remedies for Acne.

According to an annual survey, it has been concluded that each year, around 20 percent of women all around the world suffer from Acne for which they take a handful amount of stress. To all the women reading on How to get rid of pimples, it is noteworthy of mentioned that Acne takes a countable amount of period to cure completely and thus, you are requested not to stress if you do not see any change in a couple of days after considering the following natural home remedies for Acne. Please follow up!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is simply an unfiltered juice squeezed out directly from apples. This specific kind of Vinegar holds skin friendly organic acids and succinic acids which help in the elimination of dark skin/scars and assist in re-growth of skin at its best.

How to apply

Take a handful amount of Apple Cider Vinegar and mix it with 3 times of Water in a bowl. In case, your skin is more sensitive then goes for 6 times of water. Now, apply the mixture on your acne using a cotton ball only. Remember not to make use of hands directly to apply the mixture because it may lead to infection. Give 30 seconds for the mixture to dry over skin and rinse off with water.

Honey-Cinnamon Mask

Honey and Cinnamon are like a pair of blessings to those who suffer from skin problems, especially, Acne. These ingredients are Antioxidants along with antibacterial properties which assist in the clearing of skin at its best.

How to apply

Mix 4 parts of Honey with a single part of the cinnamon well to prepare a paste. Cleanse your facial skin and apply the paste afterward as a mask. Make sure, the mask is in the right direction and not hotchpotch. Mask your face for maximum 15 minutes. Take the mask off and rinse the face with water.

Green Tea Moisturizing

“Green Tea” is one of the majorly findable ingredients in women’s kitchen. Consumption of Green Tea stimulates better digestion, fate less human body, and clear skin. However, Vandar.info after coming across numerous of skin specialists finds out that direct applying of Green Tea on skin or acne results in the removal of Acne quickly. Apart from this, if you are not comfortable enough to apply green tea directly on skin then you can adapt to purchase lotions or Moisturizers that contain green tea.

How to apply

Boil the green tea and leave it for cooling, use a cotton ball to apply green tea on Acne. Let it dry for a while and further rinse it using water.

Aloe Vera Moisturizing

Aloe Vera is one and only tropical plant which creates a clear Gel that is usable on Human body or skin. The use of Aloe Vera is highly recommendable all over the World. From the healing of wounds to any other skin condition, Aloe Vera is doubtlessly applied.

How to apply

To pluck a leave out of Aloe Vera plant, open it horizontally, take a spoon and scrape the gel out of it. Apply gel directly on the skin just akin to a moisturizer. Follow the remedy for 2-3 times a day.

Mint Moisturizing

Menthol is an ingredient in Mint which provides skin with a high amount of coldness and acts as an anti-inflammatory product. More often than not, the use of Mint is also recommended when there is an urgent requirement of unclogging of pores. In noteworthy of mentioning, Mint also cures the acne which is quite painful and difficult to get rid of.

How to apply

Pick up some fresh mint leaves from market or plant if possible. Now, blend the leaves in whichever way you prefer. Put the Mint paste on acne for maximum 10 minutes and minimum 3 minutes. In case, you are feeling any discomfort, irritation of skin or itching, it is recommendable to wash off the paste in first place. Anyway, after 10 minutes wash off the paste using cold water (not chilled).

The above introduced Natural remedies for Acne are highly recommendable in Vedic treatment as well. However, these Natural Acne Treatment are avoidable in case the reader/sufferer is allergic to any of the given ingredients. Apart from this, we do not bind our readers from getting medical treatments to get rid of pimples.

5 Natural Remedies to get rid of Acne