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4 Things Guys Say To Get You Into Bed

4 Things Guys Say To Get You Into Bed

Seduction is something many fellas are skilled at because many of them just want one thing and one thing only – sex. Be aware of these seduction techniques!

There is no shortage of guys trying to get women to go to bed with them. If you have ever experienced the seduction techniques of a guy trying to get you into bed, and almost every woman has, then you are probably familiar with some of the methodology. Although you might think that you’re well versed in this subject, there are a few staples that almost every guy uses to try to get laid. Here are the top 4 things that guys say to get you into bed.

1. “Let’s Watch A Movie”

It doesn’t matter if you are at a bar or hanging around your house in sweatpants, if you ever get a call from a guy asking you to come watch a movie, he’s probably trying to get you into bed. On the offhand occasion that you actually meet a guy that is a film buff or a nice guy that knew you wanted to see a particular movie, you might want to accept, but remember to keep your guard up.

One of the best moves is to get you over to his place and then make some kind of excuse as to why the movie has to be watched in his room other than in the living room. This is usually because of a roommate situation or because the better TV is in his room, etc. For the most part, watching a movie doesn’t mean watching a movie. It means sex.

2. “Let’s Go Out For A Drink”

Ever get this call? “Hey! Just seeing what you’re up to. I wanted to know if you would like to meet up for a drink tonight.” This is a classic move. He’s not asking you out for dinner. He’s not asking you out for rock climbing. He’s not even asking you out for ice cream.

He’s asking you out for “a” drink, which probably means several drinks to loosen you up. When a guy calls you and asks if you want to go out for a drink, he’s not really interested in getting to know you or interested in following the traditions of courtship. He’s looking for a fast track into your pants. Don’t fall for the “Let’s Get A Drink” gag.

3. “Let’s Go Somewhere Else”

Number 2 actually leads us to Number 3, the technique known as “The Bounce Back.” The Bounce Back is a staple among the pick up artist community. This typically involves meeting a girl in a bar, club, grocery store or any other public forum. The guy will get to know you a little and then ask you to go somewhere else with him. This could be a restaurant, another bar or club, an art gallery or essentially anywhere else that is not the place you are currently at.

The theory behind it is that with each change of venue, you feel more comfortable with him. The more comfortable with him, the more likely you will have sex with him. The worst thing about this technique is that it works and it works really well. If you have met a guy in a bar or out for a drink, be weary of going to a new place with him. He might just be trying to get you into the sack.

4. “Let’s Hang Out”


This is a tried and true method of seduction. It’s a calm and ambiguous way of simply getting together. This is fairly similar to the movie idea, but it is less planned. The guy will probably not have any activity planned other than getting you over to his house.

When a guy asks you to hang out, make sure that he has something planned. One of the easiest ways to get around this is for the guy to say something along the lines of “Well, just come on over and we’ll figure something out.” If he says this to you, you might want to just hang up the phone right then and there.

If the guy is really interested in you, he will want to impress you. Impressing you doesn’t involve getting you over to his house a romp in the sheets. Avoid the “Let’s Hang Out” and you will be avoiding heartbreak in the long run.

Recognizing these 4 seduction methods will keep you out of trouble. A guy that is not going to follow tradition is not somebody that you want to be with. Make it a point to be on the lookout for any of these techniques and your life will be free of pick up artists and players alike.

4 Things Guys Say To Get You Into Bed


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